Demo II

by Slingshot Arrowhead

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"Slingshot Arrowhead’s potential as a bleeding-heart outfit is definitely there- I eagerly await for a full length release."
-Attacking With Clause

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released November 17, 2013

slingshot arrowhead is joplin rice and nathaniel tharpe.

sometimes luke was there and brett showed up a few times, too.

cover drawing by someone who is obviously not an artist.

all songs written by joplin rice



all rights reserved


Slingshot Arrowhead Lexington, Kentucky

appalachian emo music. damien rice is not my cousin and no, i don't know why you aren't going under _____, twinkle daddies.

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Track Name: a clever way to distance yourself
where do they go, our greatest days? we watch them float away at the end of the summer. i didn't that i couldn't stay. my body may keep changing but i will remain.

i want to see you, but from a distance. i want to hear you start your car and start playing my songs.

i am not an option. i am not a come and go until you say to stop it kind of guy. the ceiling is falling but i am just a run away and hope nobody's calling kind of guy.

why did i wait? why did i leave you 400 miles away? why didn't i listen for your voice when you were close? i thought i was free. i thought that you were over me. but i can feel your fingers getting tighter around my neck.

i want to see you, but from a distance. i want to hear you crying until your lungs collapse.
Track Name: asia
the clouds are turning dark on the other side of the garage and it'll probably start raining before i finish this thought but i just want you to know that your hair looks pretty good like that. and it's a short time waiting for a long time hoping and i hope this storm bursts the dam right open and i hope i die swimming, you're on dry land, and i'm searching for you.

and i would never try to force you to admit when you're sad.
and i would never try to force you to hold my hand

we all worship whether we admit it or not:
holding on for holiness to help us out
and i hope that you find out that you are alone

my mouth is inside out because i think i spoke too soon and yeah i should've checked my phone before i came to your room but since i'm here and you're not mad can we pretend like nothing happened? i told my friends i had a girlfriend but she didn't like my songs. that should've been my first hint you never loved me all along but i will remain: there is a certain kind of calmness that comes with inaction.
Track Name: technique (_____, you are useless)
your mother hates me, has never met me, has only seen my name in your phone. i know you're waiting to help me. you want to hold me all your own. but i don't need that; i'm stronger. i'm just strong enough to sink. and i can't see this going longer, at least not longer than you'd think.

can i come see you? i'll keep things quiet. i will burn through my last paycheck buying gas to drive in circles until you let me kiss your neck. i am a sucker for excuses: i believe what i am told. she said, "motherfucker, you are useless." i believe what i am told.

she says it's all about technique: you gotta close your eyes and forget you can speak. don't look ahead just lean on me. why can't you stand on your own? are we even friends anymore? i thought you said you'd done this before.

i will feel empty but loaded, i will be asking on your floor. i will wait until the last possible moment, then i will be knocking at your door. i got your voicemail; you sound so different. yeah, i kind of lost my accent, too. but i will try at your insistence to talk the way i used to.

and it's raining now and my plane went down like a bottle of cheap red wine. you can't contain me now; even i don't know how but i will still show up in time. i am a target for your language that i cannot comprehend. will you stop it if it gets dangerous or will you keep smiling until the end?
Track Name: falconer
you don't have to talk to me when you're getting high with your friends. i know that i'm boring. i always wanted to stay in. you don't have to humor me when you don't want to talk at all. i know when i'm clinging but that doesn't seem to help me stop.

it's abundantly clear that i hate everything that could be considered a fiber of my being. and it's abundant clear that i am largely absent from my own life's proceedings. and i was stranded at my house when the water took the bridge and i had no one to protect from myself. what do you want? i'll go fetch it; i am your pet; i am not myself.

you don't have to yell at me because yelling doesn't scare me over the phone. but you can go to hell with me if that's where you going to tell me to go. and i feel like the last couple of drops of whatever's in your cup. because it looks like you don't want it any time soon and i think that i'm going to throw up.

i will sit on your arm until you decide to free me. and i will live off whatever you see fit to feed me. why won't you believe me?

i wish you would tell me when you're out getting high with your friends.
Track Name: missing cigarettes
i found the habits that we started together impossible to break even though you're gone. i'm trying not to smoke--at least not everyday. i'm trying to sleep a little less with my shoes on. but it's not easy. not that i thought it would be. i bet your telephone is ringing but i promise that it's not me.

because i am gone, i am gone like your missing cigarettes. i am gone, i am gone and i am going to regret this decision for probably the rest of the summer. and campfire songs are meaningless but i still kept singing even after you left. i will regret this decision for probably the rest of the summer. what day is this?

i found it meaningless to reciprocate empty feelings, even in a song. and i'm not trying to hurt you, i'm just trying to leave you where you are with all of your clothes on. but it's not easy. i will lie down without a fight. this time i swear that i'm leaving. airplane tickets couldn't change my mind.

i am burned down to the filter. i am the ashes on your floor. blow smoke into my mouth until i can't breathe anymore.

i should expect this from any tattooed girl with an ear for poetry.

i hate you. do you still love me?
Track Name: symptoms
when did my feelings become symptoms? when did my audience get sick? why won't these boys stay down when you hit them? why can't i get over it? and if i told you that i miss you, would you turn your head and laugh? and if i told you that i loved you, would you even want to say it back?

you just hate me because i know how to turn you on.

so what, you're afraid of the dark? i won't set myself on fire. but i will try very, very hard to make sure that you're not tired. and if i told you that i hate you, would you think it was a lie? and if i shut this door behind me, do you still think you could hear me cry?

i'm not religious, but goddammit, you're a special kind of poison. and if your boyfriends weren't so big, i swear to god i would destroy them. and we could go back to my house and try to figure some things out.